Dynamic Duo x San Fran 2014

You read right! Jay and I got into his car and drove up 352 miles for a weekend getaway! It was his first time in SF so this was an extra special trip! Going to sprinkle in photos in no particular order throughout the blog, LOL. Some photos were taken on my phone, with my instax or on Jay’s camera. These are the ones I took with my Canon - enjoy!
We were there for 3 days, well more like 2.5 days. It went by really quick, almost too quick. Felt like I blinked and I was back in LA, boo :( But we definitely jammed everything we could in those two days and boy was I pooped on Sunday after Wondercon. Yes, we even went to a convention afterwards.
We stayed at The Westin St. Francis located smack dab in the middle of Union Sqaure. Valet was ridiculous, enough said. Our room was cozy, a bed fit for two :) And we fell in love with the shower head, like, it belonged in an Usher music video (insider). We had a lovely view of the inside of the building, brick finish was quite the touch ;] 
Our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge! We figured since we’re already on the road might as well go straight to it! I’m glad we did because the day after it was foggy and gloomy and couldn’t see the top of the rails, but on the day we went it was sunny! A little windy, no, not a little…a lot. But it was still great! I was so happy that Jay got to see the famous bridge! 

After we headed towards the park near the bridge. I can’t think of the name at the moment, but it was like a battle fort. We explored and explored, got caught up in the cold wind and explored some more. Jay even tried to scare me… (-.-) he’s lucky I like him. 
It was getting way too cold for us SoCalians so we headed to the hotel to rest and after a quick nap we headed out to dinner! I don’t remember the place we ate since Jay picked it, but it was this cute little hole in the wall Sushi bar AND OMG…FRIED. CHEESE. That is all. 
The next morning we at Sears Fine Food, another hole in the wall for your traditional American Breakfast! It was okay, I got full off of Salmon Benedict while Jay enjoyed I think it was 18 little pancakes, haha, they were so cute and yes, indeed, there was 18 total. 
We headed to The Plaza of Fine Arts after breakfast where Jay and I sat on the grass while he sketched in this travel sketchbook :) He’s so talented, I’m jealous. I ate gummy bears, edited a photo & mediated while soaking in the sun. We also saw a total of uh, 10 naked men on bikes — that was a thing. 
Our next stop was The Walt Disney Museum to view The Art of Mary Blair. It was more of a history of Walt Disney’s life, but nonetheless interesting and inspirational! I tried my very best not to buy a book because oh my goodness I am in love with Mary Blair’s work, eeek! Cute illustrations, wonderful color theory and overall just amazing work. 

Within that same area was The Presedio Forrest. It was literally the perfect setting. Mid afternoon, foggy and windy. And booooooy, was it spooky :) I loved it. I wish I was better dressed for the occasion, I was wearing a Spring dress with open flats, so it was not in my best interest to go running around in a forrest. But I wish I could of stood in the middle of it all and embrace the tall trees even though I was lowkey scared shitless. Next time, SF! 

Fisherman’s Wharf was our next stop, but before that Ghiradehli Square first! We bought chocolate and promised ourselves to come back for dessert after dinner at FW and that’s exactly what we did! FW was walking distance and we made our way up and down the streets and found a spot to spoil ourselves with seafood. Lou’s was our restaurant of choice and YUM, we feasted on calamari, garlic fries, fisherman’s stew & clams! UGH, yum. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. It was so good, I got such a fat food baby and I don’t regret a thing. 
We stopped by Boudin’s for a small turtle! I didn’t get to eat him, but I really wanted to buy him and get a picture with him. I’m sure he would be as delicious as the first time I bit into one in 2011. He’s so cute! After that little detour we were headed back to Ghiradehli where I fell in line for a Sundae and hot chocolate! Jay had this yummy white mocha, it went great with our ice cream that I basically killed on my own with two spoons. Jay helped :) 
That night we planned on going back out, but I put my head on the pillow thinking I would knock out for about 30 min to get back up and get ready, but alas the boyfriend let me sleep until I finally woke up 3 hours later to find out that he’d let me stay asleep cause I looked so pooped, what a sweet man :) So we did just that, fell asleep since we were both awake by 4:30 the next morning. 
It was 5:30 am on Sunday when we said goodbye to SF. I was sad that the trip was over, but oh so excited to get home to LA. I was on medication for our drive so I was literally in and out of groggy sleep for the first 5 hours, it wasn’t up until the last hour where I was finally awake and took over for Jay until we got to Burbank where we found out everything was closed because it was Easter. Darn you In N Out! We made it to Anaheim around 1 pm and ran to Wondercon where we pretty much let our inner nerd run around. I met Mike Yamada & Victoria Ying and OMGOD, I turned into this nervous wreck… but either way, I was so happy! I got a poster signed by them, eeek <3 :) 
After all that craziness, we stopped by Jolibee to pick up dinner, eat and then knock out for I think 3 hours at home. Woke up, took a shower & went back to bed. 
I had so much fun at the trip, bonding with Jay & going on adventures with him is always fun and I can’t wait to take on more! Until next time SF! 

Bootcamp Week 4 and my ass got kicked for missing last week. Egh, never doing that again! But yea! Week 4 :) #bootcamp

Bootcamp Week 4 and my ass got kicked for missing last week. Egh, never doing that again! But yea! Week 4 :) #bootcamp

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Sore teeth and on a food hunt! #woooork

Sore teeth and on a food hunt! #woooork

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I used to be against having a baby…

Like I swore on everything that I would never have a child…

But I’ve noticed that as I’ve been getting older… I want nothing more than to see a tiny human I made run around. Hopefully, she’ll look more like me.. or he.. I ain’t picky.


So future me, let it be known that past me does in fact want a baby…




#ootd | The world said that short girls with thicker calves shouldn&#8217;t wear heels that hide our ankles because it makes our legs look shorter. Well, I say, ladies, show them more leg, duh. || UO Spring Dress | JF Makenna Heels | &#8220;J&#8221; Bracelet &amp; Rosary #shortgirl #thicklegs #sowut #sorrrryymom

#ootd | The world said that short girls with thicker calves shouldn’t wear heels that hide our ankles because it makes our legs look shorter. Well, I say, ladies, show them more leg, duh. || UO Spring Dress | JF Makenna Heels | “J” Bracelet & Rosary #shortgirl #thicklegs #sowut #sorrrryymom

There is talk…

that Michelle and I could become roommates later this fall…

and I’m just over here…

Universe, be nice to us, please. 


Typography is hard.

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Since it was his first time, I wanted to make sure he remembers it! So I made him a little something! #iknowimlame:(

Since it was his first time, I wanted to make sure he remembers it! So I made him a little something! #iknowimlame:(

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This is how my brain works…

I start off the day, fairly happy and ready to take on the world.

I see something. It makes me feel sad. So sad to the point where it makes me start to think. So then I think. I think. I think. I think. Then all of a sudden I’m having a shitty day. And now my boyfriend has to hear about my shitty day. Because of what? Because I allow my brain to wrap around the stupid shit in this world instead of focusing on what really matters. 

"A serious girl, when she finds someone who calms her spirit and quiets her busy thoughts, will love you so fiercely, it will defy even her own logic and reasoning."

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Here are my current thoughts…

I hate coming home and my studio is messy. I’ve battled to try and keep it clean for the first year I was there and that was little to no avail. I’ve given up on trying to keep the place clean, just my little corner. 

I’ve come to counting the days of my lease ending and I never thought I’d find myself wanting to leave my cute little studio, but I do. 

I have nothing against my current roommates, we just live differently and no one is at fault for that. 

I miss my family, so much. I put a trip with my boyfriend over a family reunion that looked like so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boyfriend and the adventure I had with him was amazing, but it just makes me sad to see a huge family picture and me missing. 

I miss my best friend. I feel like I haven’t seen him in so long. I haven’t talked to him in so long. 

I miss my old roommate. Apart from Jay, she was the only person that anchored me and kept me sane. 

I basically feel this empty hole in me. And I know that I can easily run to my boyfriend cause he lives so close, but at times I know that eventually he will grow tire of seeing me and wanting to fill the void from my family & friends. He’s never actually said that, but it’s a good assumption. 

I’m looking for a new place… a new roomie and it’s making me feel really anxious. The change will be different. 

It does tear me to pieces at the very idea that me and Jay won’t be living in the same building anymore. And it’s not because I’m some clingy-obsessed person, but as I stated earlier, he is the person I run to here in LA. 

He’s all that I have here… I mean, yes I have other friends, but they’re all busy with their lives and far away and the thought of not being able to run to him makes me a little sad…but that is besides the point. 

My point is… I’m just really stressed out and anxious at this very moment. To the point where it’s making me sick.  

I want this to go away :(

Leaving my uber stressful Monday behind and moving into this cold Tuesday with an oversized scarf and a smirk to go with it. #blackonblack #byeyesterday

Leaving my uber stressful Monday behind and moving into this cold Tuesday with an oversized scarf and a smirk to go with it. #blackonblack #byeyesterday

Boyfriend :)

I love you <3 That’s all.

DO IT! Skillshare :)